Tom Clark

After growing up with a Brownie Hawkeye, Tom bought his first Nikon DSLR en route to a combat tour in Vietnam.  His most treasured shot from this era is of his leader's plane taken from the top looking down while Tom was flying his single seat fighter inverted overhead.  Perhaps not the greatest photo ever taken, but great flying!  His military and aerospace engineering careers took him and the camera all over the world.  He loves planes.  As an inveterate explorer of aircraft museums and air shows, such as the yearly Experimental Aircraft Association extravaganza in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, he has amassed over 10,000 aircraft images in the last decade alone.  His pictures have appeared on the cover of Fly Low Magazine and been used by the U.S. Air Force Museum and other publications.  Since his grandfather was a Santa Fe Railroad engineer, he also loves photographing steam trains, often from inside the cab on a run.

After retiring, Tom refocused on landscape photography, expressing his lifelong love of the outdoors.  While he has given up backpacking trips into the wilderness, he still actively seeks nature's beauty wherever it can be found, from the mountains to the shores, both in the U.S. and abroad.  He loves pictures that inspire inner reflection and create a spiritual experience of awe for the beauty, majesty and complexity of the natural world.  He tries to do as much as possible in camera with limited post-processing.  His crowning joy was receiving two Distinguished Print Awards at a Texas Professional Photographer's show, the first exhibit he ever entered.  The fact that some admirers have purchased his prints on first sight brings him great joy.

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